Terry Vinci - "Scizzorman"


ROCK - FUNK, WORLD MUSIC Now booking International tour for 2009

Scizzorman originates from Perth, Western Australia. Core members Terry Vinci & Hugh Bartley find great pleasure in gently persuading fellow musicians & friends to contribute to their collective enjoyment of music, art & culture. Their history goes back to the schoolyard & their common obsession with choice music of the 80's. Bands like Talking Heads, XTC, The Police, DEVO, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, helped sow a creative relationship. This developed & evolved over the years, whilst playing in many different professional bands. The natural instinct to work together, has culminated in stylish, eclectic songs complete with quality sound production. Over the last two years, Terry has spent much time researching export markets, attending trade conferences, playing live, drumming 24 hours to help fundraise for a childrens charity & working on the forthcoming release of the new SCIZZORMAN CD. An animated video is also planned